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The City of Lincolnshire has a Mayor/Council form of government. The Mayor is elected by popular vote and serves a term

of four (4) years. There are four (4) council members, who are elected by popular vote and serve a term of two (2) years.

All city leadership positions are totally voluntary and members are not paid for their service to the city.


MAYOR: (Term expires December 31, 2022)

COUNCIL MEMBERS: (All terms expire December 31, 2022)


The positions of mayor and city council are obtained by filing for non-partisan elections held the first Tuesday of November.

To run for Mayor or a council position a person must be a resident of Lincolnshire and must file with the Board of Elections

prior to August 12 in order to be placed on the ballot in November. For more information contact the Board of Elections

at 574-6100.


The City Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.. The meetings are held at Louisville East, 4200 Browns Lane, Louisville, KY 40220. The meetings are open to the public and your comments are

welcome during Citizen Participation at the beginning of every City Council meeting.


Michael Hortsman     13 Pembroke Ave     502-802-1879



Keith Curran          1 Edmonia Ave                502-459-2094 


Deidric Tupper       2804 Browns Ln               614-557-0532


Bo Hatfield            16 Canterbury Dr            502-376-8485


Jessiy Cathers        17 Pembroke Rd             502-791-5657






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