Sidewalk Repair


The City of Lincolnshire is about to embark on a sidewalk repair project! While sidewalk maintenance is typically the responsibility of the Homeowner, the City Commissioners had budgeted dollars towards the repair of the most dangerous trip hazards in the city. We were also fortunate to receive some Federal funds that will allow us to repair all the trip hazards that currently exist. The project will ensure the sidewalks in the city are accessible to all. All uneven squares that are 1/2 inch to 2 inches difference in height will be shaved off to level. Areas that are beyond the ability to shave off while maintaining structural stability will be replaced. This is a onetime exception that the Commissioners felt would be beneficial to the city as a whole. Moving forward, Homeowners will be responsible for ensuring they are within guidelines to meet ADA compliance. We are very pleased to be able to offer this one-off assistance.


The purpose of this letter is not only to inform you of the upcoming project, but to also provide you the opportunity to leverage the fact that the project will be going on if you have any squares of sidewalk in front of your home that you may have been considering having replaced. Since the contractor will be here anyway, you can take advantage of likely better pricing than you would receive as an individual. The cost per square is approximately $515.00. This could vary some as costs are constantly in flux, but you would know the final cost prior to having to commit to having work completed. You would have an agreement with the Contractor directly.


Should you be interested in having pricing done for your property or have any questions, please submit your request prior to June 12th at:


We will reach out to those who indicate interest as we get more details.


Waste Management Survey


Hello Lincolnshire residents! Spring is in fill bloom, and with the new season comes many changes. One of those changes may be our waste disposal services. Below you will find a short survey gauging the opinion of the residents regarding this matter. Responses are on scales of 1 to 5, with 1 being strongly agreed and 5 strongly disagreeing. Residents input is important in making these kinds of decisions, so your response is both valued and appreciated. Thank you!


  1. I have been satisfied with the city’s waste services given COVID-19.       ____
  2. I have not been skipped for waste services more than twice in the last six months.       ____
  3. I am OK with bi-weekly recycling if provided a larger receptacle.       ____
  4. Receiving information is important to me from a waste management company.       ____
  5. I am knowledgeable about the scope of service with my current provider.       ____


Please return your survey to Mayor, Lew Hudson at 11 Canterbury Drive.


Please direct any other responses, comments, and concerns at:


Ordinance 5 Rental Lic Series 2021
Ordinance relating to the licensure and regulations for rentals including short term rentals in the City of Lincolnshire.
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