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The City of Lincolnshire adheres to local ordinances set forth by Louisville Metro as well as ordinances set by the City of Lincolnshire.

To learn more about Louisville Metro ordinances visit the Louisville Metro website at:

You can find all of Louisville Metro Ordinances at:


The City of Lincolnshire maintains a list of deed restrictions. If you have questions about our current restrictions please call the Mayor where we do not have restriction listed we adhere to the building codes and rules set forth by Metro Louisville.

The Metro Office of Construction reviews and issues permits for a wide variety of projects. Most building and improvement projects require approval and a permit. If you have a specific question, we encourage you to call their office at 502-574-3321.

You can also reference Homeowners Toolbox guides for general permitting information on the process and answers to frequently asked questions by visiting thier website at:

Please refer to Louisville Metro Ordinance for Building Regulations at:


Any changes to your driveway must be permited through Louisville Metro Goveverment.

General Driveway requirements per LDC 9.1.4: Parking for single-family residential uses and duplexes is permitted in the required front or
street side yard only on a hard surface or approved semi-pervious driveway that does not exceed twenty (20) feet in width and leads to a garage, carport, house or rear yard. Parking on approved circular driveways may be permitted as long as the circular driveway has been
approved by the Director of Public Works or designee. The circular driveway shall be constructed in accordance with Metro Public Works

Please refer to Louisville Metro, Driveway Permit Ordinance at:

You can find the Louisville Metro Permit information here at:


We are committed to promoting safe, clean housing and neighborhoods. Tenants, Landlords and homeowners have certain obligations that help to make our neighborhoods good places to live.  For your own personal safety, it’s important to know the law and how it affects your rights and those of your neighbors.

Please refer to Louisville Metro Property Maintance Code:

This guide lists some of your duties,