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              TRASH COLLECTION

The City of Lincolnshire has a contract with Republic Services of Kentucky to provide for trash collection, yard waste collection and recycling.


  • Trash is collected weekly on Thursdays at the curb for pickup.
  • Recycling is collected every other week on Thursdays.
  • Yard waste is collected every week on Thursdays, between the seasonal period of April 1st through January 15th.
  • Please do not put out trash containers until late in the evening before pickup days or before 5:00 am on pick up days and take your cans back to the house as soon after pickup as possible.
  • Place containers at least 5 feet from any object (mailboxes, poles, under trees, 5 ft between each container, etc.)
  • Place containers 1 ft from the curb with the arrows facing the street and the lid closed.
  • Do not lean or place anything on the containers.
  • Yard waste should be placed in yard waste bags or your own labeled yard waste containers.  Loose limbs should be bundled in four-foot sections.
  • Solid Waste and Recycling will only be picked up in Republic Services containers.  No other containers will be emptied.  Bulk pick up is available to residents for free each quater.  See Bulk Pick-Up information below.
  • Should Federal holiday fall in a given week, collection may be moved back one day.  Please sign up for updates, service alerts and service schedules online at
  • Sign up for updates and services online at

Please note: The calendar online is completely accurate only for residential and commercial accounts. Since we are not classified as either, that calendar is not always reflective of the services we receive as a city account. 


Visit the Republic Services website for more guidelines on waste, recycling and yard waste.  



  • If you require back door pick up, please mail a doctor's note stating your impaired mobility to:

Kevin Holden, Account Executive

1423 S. Jackson Street

Louisville, KY 40208


  • Each residence participating in the City program with Republic Services is eligible for (1) free bulk pick-up per quarter per calendar year. A $25.00 per item fee will be charged for any additional bulk item(s). 
  • Schedule your bulk pickup at 303-286-5400.
  • Please have your bulk items staged curbside by 7:00 am on the day of your pick- up. 
Acceptable Bulk Items
Adobe Acrobat document [133.1 KB]


The City of Lincolnshire provides for the regular resurfacing and repair of the City streets. Please call the Mayor if you

observe a particular problem or pothole on a city street. The City is also responsible for traffic signs please help maintain

them by not posting yard sale or lost pet signs. When utilizing utility poles for lost pet or yard sale signs, we request that all

such signs be removed within one week and without damage to the poles and all tape removed completely.

Louisville Gas and Electric maintains all street lights within the City. If you notice a street light that is out or in need of repair

please contact LG&E at 502-589-1444. You can visit their website at to report.


The City provides for the salting and sanding and snow removal from streets based on established criteria set by the Mayor

and the City Council. The service is provided by private contract to the City. If you experience a problem during the snow

and ice season please call the Mayor or the City official overseeing City Services. Residents are responsible for removing

snow and ice from their driveway and the sidewalk in front of their house.


The City of Lincolnshire has no jurisdiction over the drainage and sewer services provided within the City. Total responsibility

for these services and problems is assumed by the Metropolitan Sewer District. These services are paid for by an addition

to your Louisville Water Company bill. The number for the Metropolitan Sewer District is 502-587-0603. You can also visit their

website at

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